Monday, October 24, 2016

Costa Rica Armored Vehicles for Rent

 Armored Vehicles for Rent
Central and South America Dispatch:
Costa Rica (506) 4000-1699
Fax: (506) 2290-

Information and Question about our security services write:

The Falcon Group has it's own fleet of in-house secured bullet and bomb-proof armored vehicles on the ground in Costa Rica. We service all of Central America and Colombia with brand new 2015 - 2019 models for rent on a daily bases 24/7 days a week 365 days a year. Our vehicles are equipped with a monitored GPS tracking Satellite system. We up-date our own private fleet every year with better equipped and newer technology vehicles for rental to the general public, private, corporate and government entities. The Falcon Group armored vehicle fleet is available for service in all Latin America for immediate deployment.
Every rental comes with a multilingual chauffeur with extensive experience. We can coordinate meet and greet airport service. Your security is monitored from start to finish through communications with our base. Our armored vehicles are B3, B4 to B6 level SUVs. At an additional cost we can provide a Tier 1 level bodyguard a former ex-military Special Forces Operations Group Commando

Recent Examples:

History: In 2013 our armored vehicles transported and provided secured protection to the President of the Republic of China and the First Lady in their official diplomatic travel to Latin America. 

History: In 2014 to present our armored vehicles have provided secured transportation and security service consultancy to the royal family members of Saud Saudi Arabia.

History: In 2015 our armored vehicles transported and provided secured protection to the Organization of American States (CELAC Seminar) Presidents of Latin America and the Caribbean States.


Travel and Tourist Armed Security Escorts are fully licensed and insured. They work closely with our Logistical Global Planning Center so that you, your family and employees can travel securely with our security staff. We can design your travel arrangements to accommodate any special needs, as:
  • Single, Multiple Parties and Principle
  • Multi-Country Trips
  • Bilingual Capabilities 
  • Armored and Unarmored Transport Services
  • Meet and Greet

Our global network of resources allows us to access and utilize local expertise providing significant benefits to our client:

  • Language, customs and regulations
  • Our team knows where to stay, where to eat, and where to visit (safely and securely)
  • Familiarity with local laws, customs, and the judicial system
  • Faster response and appropriate reaction to a challenge or threat with our emergency response teams
  • Intimate knowledge of the local “hot spots” and which areas to avoid for security reasons
  • Availability of up-to-the-minute “real-time” crime statistics
  • Medical services, emergency evacuation by land, sea and air

    Avenida Boyaca Calles 23 y 13
    Bogota, Colombia D.C.

    Apdo. 2243-3000
                      Heredia, Costa Rica                   

    Andres Bello 29
    Canaro No 200
    D.F. 01150 Mexico City

    Abu Dhabi
    P.O. Box 28711
    United Arab Emirates
    Paris, Egypt, Iraq, Middle East and Africa Operations

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